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Taxations Of Legal Bills Following Move To Level 4 Of Lockdown

Judge President JM Hlophe, on 11 May 2020, published the new directives for the Western Cape Division following the move to Level 4 of the lockdown regulations.

Unfortunately, the directive regarding TAXATIONS was inconclusive and a bit vague as it merely directed the Chief Registrar, in consultation with the Taxing Master, to develop a “manner” in which taxations may be dealt with.

We are unfortunately not aware of a “manner” or method of how taxations will be dealt with as there has been no official communication or further directive forthcoming from the Chief Registrar’s office except advice as follows:

  • No new taxation dates are being allocated for taxations until further notice
  • It is our understanding that dates may be allocated to matters that were already enrolled during the lockdown
  • It is our further understanding that the Court may be approached for allocaturs in respect of matters that become settled during the lockdown
  • Unopposed taxations that were already set down during the lockdown may possibly be accommodated
  • It is not clear if new unopposed taxations will be accommodated.


A number of the Legal Cost Consultants in the Western Cape have come together and proposed and pledged the donation of two (2) laptops with full IT support to enable our Taxing Masters to conveniently tax bills virtually .

The initial response and reaction is very positive, so please watch this space !

Stay safe !