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Covid 19 – Level 4 Measures

Following the announcement on 25 April to advance the countrywide lockdown from level 5 to level 4 as from 1 May, a fair number of business sectors will now be able to resume certain activities, but conditionally. Most of the lockdown conditions will remain in place and social distancing and related safety protocols will remain mandatory.

Legal services also return to “almost normal”, except that there are still no clear directives as to Court activities.

Bills of Cost have been able to work remotely during this time as far as bill preparation is concerned. Our usual admin functions will now also be able to return to “almost normal” except that the number of employees attending work will remain limited.


Our usual Pick Up and Delivery service to our clients will also be able to resume, but be limited to 2 days per week.

It is, thus, the perfect time for our clients to sort and identify such matters that require bills, especially for the purposes of recouping lost revenue during the level 5 lockdown period.

Having been able to catch up on workloads prior to lockdown (during this time), we are ideally placed to assist with your legal billing requirements without delay.


As remains mandatory still, strict safety protocols will continue to be observed at Bills of Cost :

TRANSPORT: Bills of Cost provides transport for a number of employees daily. Employees will be wearing face masks when transported to and from the office. Hand sanitiser is available in the vehicle. Latex gloves is issued to employees.

PICK UP AND DELIVERY: When providing this service , the employees doing so will wear face masks and latex gloves when attending at your offices.

OFFICE: Working areas and working surfaces will be treated and sanitised on a daily basis and face masks will be worn where social distancing is not possible. Employees will be monitored for symptoms of the virus on a daily basis.


Our local Courts have in place interim measures during the lockdown period, including that matters (and scheduled taxations) to be removed and reallocated dates beyond the lockdown period. These matters will receive preferential dates upon application.

Bills of Cost will continue to monitor directives and developments on the resumption of Court activities and services as it will be necessary to reschedule all taxations that were due to take place during lockdown. However frustrating it may be, we will have to remain patient, but also ensure that we are ready to act when that moment arrives.

In the meantime, please stay healthy and safe!

We are in this together !!