Month: May 2018

Perusal and local practices

“The act of perusing or considering a document or letter should be held to mean the application of a trained legal mind to the contents of the document in question.” – Thornycroft Cartage Co v Beier & Co (Pty) Ltd & Another 1962 (3) SA 26 (N) “The fee for perusing is for the professional consideration […]

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Divorce – The Rule 43 Banana Skin

As many Attorneys may be aware, the sometimes unavoidable Rule 43 proceedings that follow matrimonial proceedings can easily take up more of the Attorney and Counsel’s time than the actual divorce case itself. To add salt to the wound, the costs of conducting Rule 43 proceedings almost always exceed those of the divorce proceedings by […]

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Crucial Website Elements

Word of mouth referrals, repeat business and network marketing are great methods to generate business but sometimes this is simply not enough if you wish to grow and expand your company. The steady flow of online enquiries is critical to the survival and sustainability of modern businesses and a great website can help close the […]

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