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Covid19 – Impact On The Legal Profession

The Legal Practice Counsel has been requested by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development to provide him with “an assessment of the current business and economic impact of the Covid – 19 measures “

The impact of the lockdown on the various categories of legal practitioners may not necessarily be catastrophic on each individual category, but the combined effect may be disastrous for many practitioners nonetheless, both i.r.o the Attorneys and Advocates professions, and may take months or years to recover fully.

Revenue for attorneys comprises, mostly, fees billed and collected. During the lockdown, the expenses for a law firm remain unchanged and approximately 80% thereof are i.r.o salaries, office rental, practitioners levies & operational expenses.

Most firms have already experienced a downturn during the lockdown and are expected to continue. For most small firms the cost of working remotely is prohibitive. Both Attorneys & Advocates are hindered by the Directions in relation to permits in the way they may consult with their clients

Misfunctioning Courts and Deeds Offices, and restrictions on access to Courts, has dramatically impacted the functioning Attorney firms, big or small, and the ability of a law firm to generate income is severely constrained.

Many Advocates are not being paid for services rendered before and during the lockdown. Although precluded from their chambers, many Advocates are not receiving any rebate or payment holiday from landlords.


As prohibitive as the regulations are on the Attorney’s ability to generate income, it is similarly prohibitive in collecting fees on work already done. In many instances, Attorneys have not been in a position to render bills and account normally, not only in respect of their own Attorney and Client fees but also i.r.o Party and Party costs due to successful clients.

We at Bills of Cost are, however, functioning normally when it comes to the preparation of Legal Bills of Costs and as we are not dealing with backlogs at the moment ( except for Taxations, due to misfunctioning Courts) we are ideally placed to address and assist with the preparation of Attorney & Client as well as Party & Party bills.

As an alternative to taxation of bills, the senior cost consultant of this Division are doing their utmost to resolve costs disputes without the need of taxation.

All attorneys who may benefit from our services during these testing times are most welcome to contact us. View our services.

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Stay safe!