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Before the establishment of Bills of Cost, attorneys had little choice but to prepare and tax their own bills of costs. This is often, a tedious task involving long hours of unproductive labour which frequently results in an under-recovery of expenses due to inaccuracy in an attempt to save time.

In 1977 the founder of the company, John Hanou (CA) identified the need for such a specialised service and, hence, Bills of Cost was born. The company rapidly grew and extended its services to attorneys and legal firms countrywide. The company’s current owner and sole member joined the company in 1990, (from the Department of Justice) to become co-shareholder in 1996 and ultimately sole shareholder in 1998.



South Africa’s ever changing social, economic and legal environment makes it imperative for organisations offering legal billing solutions to be innovative and flexible. Ensuring they move with these changes and stay in step with their clients’ requirements.

At Bills of Cost, our services are rendered at the highest level utilising the latest technology and attorney billing software. Development of our staff’s people skills and a comprehensive knowledge of the Law of Costs and how they relate to our Client’s’ needs and demands are given the highest priority in developing our employee’s’ proficiency.

Our services are as diverse as the legal fraternity demand and include the preparation of bills, the opposing of bills, assisting and attending at taxations. We also assist attorneys and their accountants with accounting issues as well as tax and VAT issues.

We are well experienced in dealing with all types of matters and bill of costs including litigious, commercial, criminal and maritime matters. Regardless of whether they pertain to the High Court, the Magistrate’s Court, the Appeal Court or the Constitutional Court.

Attorneys have various motives and intentions for utilising the service of Bills of Cost, apart from the fact that is a tedious. And time-consuming task to prepare and tax bills (which most Attorneys wish to avoid).

Many of our clients have a standing brief that they wish all bills to be absolutely accurate. Other clients place more emphasis on their fee earning capacity coupled with accuracy. Whatever the Client’s demands in all cases a lot of time and money is saved in the process.



Our services include, but is not limited to:

  • Drafting bills of cost. The task entails the processing of the data and information received from the client, where after the actual drafting of the bill will commence.
  • Opposing bills of cost. When an unsuccessful party is faced with a bill of cost, it is our task to analyse and do fault finding whereafter proper Notice of Opposition is prepared and drafted for taxation purposes.
  • Attending Taxation. We also attend taxations on behalf of clients, whether presenting or opposing. When presenting, we also take care of all the steps required from inception, including drafting and serving Notices of Intention to tax, obtaining taxation dates, drafting & serving Notices of Taxation and attending thereat.



Purpose. To be a leader in the legal cost profession by providing enhanced services and strengthening client relations.

Vision. To provide quality services that exceed client expectations.

Mission. To build long term and enduring relationships with our clients and to provide exceptional service.

Values. We believe in treating our clients with respect and professionalism and in so doing, grow together. We integrate honesty, integrity and good business ethics into all aspects of our business functions