Based in Cape Town we have been providing an invaluable legal billing service to attorneys and the legal fraternity across South Africa since the 1970’s, making us the oldest and most recognisable name in the legal cost profession. Before the establishment of Bills of Cost, attorneys had little choice but to prepare and tax their own bills of costs. This is often, a tedious task involving long hours of unproductive labour which frequently results in an under-recovery of expenses due to inaccuracy in an attempt to save time.


Preparing Bills

Practice over the last three decades or more has developed collegially between Practitioners to use the services of legal cost consultants to deal with this function.

In order for the legal practitioner to be able to present a bill of cost for taxation purposes, both a Party and Party bill and Attorney and Client bill are completed to adhere to the requirements of the Rules, whether it be High Court or Lower Court.

The Informal bill is aimed more at enabling the attorney to present his client with an accurate yet compact account for work done, but the Informal bill is also very useful for determining Cost for Security or even when settlement negotiations are ongoing where legal costs are also an issue.

Attending Taxation

Although the task of attending taxation is reserved for legal practitioners with the Right of Appearance, practice over the last three decades or more has developed collegially between practitioners to use the services of legal cost consultants to deal with this function.

With the laws pertaining to taxation being tremendously complicated, most attorneys prefer to contract experts to assist them and often employ the services of legal cost practitioners to handle the tedious and time consuming task of preparing for and attending taxation.

Although practices differ countrywide in the various divisions as to the privilege of appearance by legal cost practitioners, we will gladly assist and attend taxations on behalf of the attorney where possible.

For the alternative Bills of Cost has built up a fantastic relationship with their business partners who have the Right of Appearance to look after our Client’s’ needs in this regard at the highest professional level.

Opposing Bills

It is a reality that not all cases are won and in such instances the unsuccessful party will most likely be faced with a legal bill of cost aimed at indemnifying the successful party for costs incurred in litigation.

Of course the unsuccessful party has the right to scrutinise and object to any charge appearing in such a bill of cost. As opposing a bill of cost can be even more complicated in law than presenting a bill of cost, the services we provide in this regard is just as valuable to the unsuccessful party for the attainment of justice.

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