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Under what circumstances are you entitled to travelling fees on a Party and Party scale?

~ Jan Luitingh Travelling time will be allowed when it is incurred necessarily to further your Client’s case. For example, to conduct an inspection in loco, to attend a medical examination where necessary etc. Examples of travelling that is not recoverable as between Party and Party are; to attend on your Client or Witness for a consultation (unless he/she is severely paraplegic) as they have to attend at your office, to attend Court as you are either at the seat of the Court or have a Correspondent on brief etc. On the latter issue I must point out that we have had a practice in Cape Town since 1962 where the Suburban Attorney will be allowed to travel to Court. The variety of scenarios on your question is however so large that it would be impossible to sample you with every one and we suggest that if a certain scenario present itself in a particular case, please contact us and we will do our best to find an answer for you.